Wrestling Adam




Tom BorelliThe ADAM takedown machine is a great training tool for wrestlers who enjoy working on their footworK for level changes and penetration drills. It is also good for injured wrestlers who cannot wrestle full speed but need to keep their timing.
1998 Coach of the Year
Head Coach, Central Michigan University


Dave MillsADAM is a tireless workout partner, he is always there and ready to go. I would recommend ADAM to any coach wanting to improve his program.
Master World Champion
Coach Grand Valley State University 
2001 & 2006 National Coach of the Year


Joe McFarlandThe ADAM takedown machine was a big part of my overall development as a wrestler. ADAM helped me to enhance my different set ups and leg attacks through repeated drilling before and after practice. As a coach, I find that it is essential in the fine tuning of our team's technique, every practice facility needs one!
Head Coach, University of Michigan
4X All-American
World Cup Champion


Jim ZaleskyThe ADAM takedown machine has been a part of our program for many years. It is a great tool to have in the practice room. We use it to learn technique and put our wrestlers through many drills. It also works well for the injured wrestler of if you can't go 100%. I would recommend the ADAM takedown machine for every program or individual.
Head Coach, Oregon State
Coach of the Year 1999
3x NCAA Champion


Carl AdamsTiming, speed and coordination is critical to the success of every takedown. ADAM will allow any wrestler to reach his highest possible level in these areas.
4X National Champion
Head Coach, Boston University (18 years)