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H.I.R.T.S Rope System

High Intensity Rope Training System (H.I.R.T.S.)

Stretchable bands (or tubing) resistant training has always been one of Olympic coach Ivan Ivanov's favorite ways to build strength.

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Ivan Ivanov's idea about developing the H.I.R.T.S trainer came mostly because he wanted to experience rope climbing training methods any place he wanted to work out. The H.I.R.T.S can effectively train the same upper body muscles involved during hanging rope climbing and even more when using additional attachments. A great tool for total body workouts, the H.I.R.T.S. trainer can be adjusted to delever multiple levels of training resistance. The tubing inside the protective sleeve is removable and color coded for ease of adjustment and maintenance. Each tubes color signifies a different level of resistance. The H.I.R.T.S trainer can be set to train athletes from a young age to world class levels.

The H.I.R.T.S has become the new "torturing toy" in the olympic wrestling room. The Wrestlers love it AND hate it! But nobody disputes its importance when we can see the impressive results.

The H.I.R.T.S trainer comes in its own bag along with all the attachments: Climbing rope, rings, and pulling belt.


New Model:

- Faster resistance changing
- Modifided for heavy-duty training, includes one-year warranty
- Improved packaging/equipment bag
- Improved handles for greater range of motion
- Additional attachment: The Bar
- Additional equipment: Extra Pulling Belt
- Includes training DVD from Inventor Coach Ivan Ivanov



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