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The Wrestling Takedown Machine

Over 100 combinations of takedowns, set-ups, and drills can be performed on the ADAM Wrestling Takedown Machine.

ADAM is the most advanced piece of equipment made for the sport of wrestling. ADAM is the only piece of wrestling equipment that provides life-like motion and resistance when attacked. When practicing with ADAM its automatic resetting feature assures that its orginal upright position is assumed after each takedown attempt.

To date finding a partner who would assume a set position time after time and then react in a competitive manner conducive to learning has been a virtual impossibility. ADAM accomplishes these things without a time lag.

ADAM attaches directly to the wall in the wrestling room. It can be easily removed from the wall support after use and set up again in less than a minute.

Many high schools and colleges across the country are now using ADAM as part of their training programs. This includes the University of Iowa, 1999 NCAA Champions, Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, 1999 Big Ten Champs, Oklahoma State University, Big 8 Champs, University of Michigan, Arizone State University, and Central Michigan University, 1999 MAC Champions.



ADAM the takedown machine is a tremendous training device. It is unquestionably one of the finest training devices ever produced for our sport. Wrestlers at the University of Iowa use it at every practice. I highely recommend it for all teams wanting to improve their takedown skills. You will be more than satisfied with the results.

Dan Gable
Olympic Coach 1980, 1984, 2000
Assistant to the Director of Athletics, University of Iowa
Olympic Champion, World Champion, NCAA Champion
Coaching Legend University of Iowa